Law 9: 48 Laws of Power

Law 9:  Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument.

Law 9: Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN (BRF) became the governor of Lagos state in 2007. He was relatively unknown to most people except Governor Ahmed Tinubu who BRF served as chief of staff in the governor’s office. There was to be a very highly contested primary with many politicians that were more well known than BRF. Governor Tinubu prevented the primary and single handedly picked BRF as the governorship candidate of the defunt ACN. It shook the party. The other opponents cried foul. Many of the other candidates who were more popular than BRF, in anger, defected to other less-popular parties and became their governorship candidate hoping to use the capital of their popularity to defeat the ruling party, ACN in Lagos state and teach the incumbent governor a lesson.

The major opposition party in the state {PDP} tried to take advantage of the situation but before this primary period, the rivalry in PDP party became very intense and the leading candidate was assassinated. The suspicion that one of the other candidates must have orchestrated the assassination divided the party beyond repair. At the end of the day, Fashola won the election and became the govnernor of Lagos State in 2007 election. No matter how we may look at this, Fashola was destined to be the governor of Lagos state in 2007. Soon after he became the governor, he quickly went into action and began to implement in letter and spirit the manifesto of the defunct Action Congress Of Nigeria (CAN).

The result of his effort came out so quickly that Lagos was transformed into a mega city like London. Slums in the central city (Mushin, Oshodi) were cleared and cleaned. Law and order were restored in the city, hawkers, selling less standard goods were driven from the street, area boys and hooligans that were causing confusions in motor parks and in central city were out-lawed and they went underground. The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which the previous administration started and people thought was meant to siphoned the money of Lagos state was pleasantly rapidly completed by the new administration of BRF and the traffic congestion of Lagos state became a things of the past, and dividends of democracy were being enjoyed for a change. It was easier to live in Lagos. Lagos State Tariff Management Authority (LASTMA) began to enforce traffic law and order in the state. The local government began to improve and add value to their communities, repairing and building road and other welfare programs to better the life of their communities.

As should be expected in a lawless country like Nigeria, the administration quickly became the enemy of the high and low in the state. Towards the end of his first four years, the state legislators vowed to impeach him and put mechanisms to effect it. There were also treat and rumors all around that he would not be allowed a second term in office. It appears that the power that puts him in office was determined to stop him. The youth of the state led by a minister, and an indigene of Lagos state organized a non-violent movement to protest and let those powers know that the Lagos state citizens need and demand a second term for BRF in other to complete the good work he started. All these and many more frustrated every effort that was made to contain, remove or stop BRF.

BRF had a second term, many of us who didn’t vote at all at the election of his first term came out en-mass to vote for him to complete the good job he did. His administration slogan which became his goal is ‘Eko oni baje O’ meaning ‘Lagos will not spoil’.



Law9: Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument.

Any momentary triumph you think you have gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory: The resentment and ill-will you stir up are stronger and last longer than any momentary change of opinion. It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word. Demonstrate, do not explicate.


Source: Global news


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