Life In Eko (Lagos) City

Lagos city - Ekoconnectagos city is the Eldorado of Africa. She is known for many things. The never ending cycle of activities? from legit to the nefarious. No one can ever truly say what the population of Lagos city is; She’s home to all kinds of people, culture creed and tongue. Sometimes it is difficult to determine where her borders stops. Many people who live well beyond the borders of Lagos still lay claims to living in Lagos.

Eko city is in my opinion one of the nosiest cities in the world. Everywhere and in everyplace noise is unleashed in phenomenal levels. From the church vigil that starts dead in the night to the call to prayer by the mosque that ushers you into the start of another day; what you have is the relentless barrage of noise from the early hours to the dead of the night.

The regard for the right of others to peace and quiet is violated with impunity. Everyone seem to think it is their right to outperform others and the best way to do that is to make the loudest noise.

The worst offenders of noise pollution are Lagos drivers. The constant honking and thumping of car horns and relentless shouting and screeching leaves no room for ambivalence.

The worst producer of noise in Lagos city is the exasperating generators. Every home, shop, office, eatery, church, mosque, hut, shack, caravan, tent, industry, etc. owns a generator.

The additional burden of cost of operating these generators is ridiculous; most homes have had to reduce their standard of living in order to cope with the cost of fuelling, repairing and servicing these machines.

It goes without saying that some of the health related problems suffered by many Lagosians are in some ways linked to heavy use of generators. Noise remains a major cause of pollution and as with every pollutant creates very serious health and financial implications.

Many accidents and mishaps in Lagos city are as a result of noise. Persistent noise can lead to partial deafness with very serious implication. Noise causes sleep deprivation; the inability to sleep. This can be a very critical reason why many people suffer from insomnia. Oftentimes people wait under the cloak of darkness with the aid of the noise produced by generators to carry out malevolent acts. In other words noise is used as an accomplice to commit crimes in Lagos city.

Lagosians are known to speak in loud tones. One of the many determinants for identifying a Lagosian especially outside the country is their very boisterous and loud means. Many people have grown used to speaking over the noise around them. So when they find themselves in places where noise is kept to the minimum, the entrenchment of having to shout all the time comes to the fore. This is truly a disturbing reality; one that stigmatizes Nigerians.

Lagos city must start to play a very vital role in the rejuvenation of her citizens. The state government must begin to create the necessary awareness on the need to eradicate noise pollution. The federal and state government should find a lasting solution to the problem of power outages. Once people have adequate access to constant electricity, generating sets and its attendant problems will be a thing of the past.

Lagosians also must realize that consideration for others is vital in building a sane and healthy society.  Societies are better served when everyone acts within the confines of rationality and sensibility.

The good news about noise eradication is that everybody can do something to ameliorate it. The commercial driver should stop honking needlessly, the neighbor should play his music with consideration for others. Party organizers should have a maximum level of noise production and anything above that must be categorized as noise pollution. Music vendors should also be given a maximum level of noise production.

Local council could actually introduce some form of taxation for people who disturb the peace through noise. Since Lagosians like noise it should come at a cost. Lagos state government should set up moralities and empower local councils to create the necessary awareness amongst Lagosians about the devastating effects of noise. And also carry out disciplinary measures for offenders.

Lagos city is a truly dynamic and prosperous city. Signs of civilization must be evident in the people through their disposition and sense of modernism. It is the right of every single individual to enjoy the fundamentals that are necessary for life to be meaningful and mellifluous.

Noise pollution creates an imbalance that interferes with the normalcy of life and plunges society on a continual downward trend. Let the inhabitants of Lagos city work assiduously to end noise pollution today and bring sanity to Lagos city.

Edited by Odira Onyenso

Source: Nigeria World

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