Meet Victoria Mamza, Founder & C.E.O. of Wangaraufoods

Meet Victoria Mamza, Founder And C.E.O of Wangaraufoods- Ekoconnect

Today on MSME LIFE, we will be featuring Victoria Mamza, Founder and C.E.O. of Wangaraufoods.

Wangaraufoods is a food processing, packaging and delivery company based in Lagos. Their primary aim is to save customers the stress, time and hassle of going to the market by sourcing, sorting, crushing/grounding, packaging and delivering food items to various destinations.

What was your inspiration?
My inspiration to start up Wangaraufoods came from my neighbor who is a banker. Like most working wives in Lagos, she did not have the time to go to the market to shop for food items. I overheard her lamenting on how stressful it was, going to the market after office hours. Right there, it dawned on me that there could be a market for many people like her who do not have the time to go to the market, as a result of their busy schedules.
I saw a service i could render to them. A service where people can be offered hygienic, quality and affordable food items at their convenience. A most convenient way of getting authentic food items without the hassle of going to the market.
What is your Target audience?
Our target audience are basically entrepreneurs in lagos, working mothers, basically everyone in Lagos that does not have the time to go to the market or does not want the stress of picking out food items.
We supply food items to hotels, bukka’s and restaurants. Also, we deliver food items to Nigerians in the diaspora who crave food items from back home. We do not leave them out as we are able to provide the best sourced, hygienically packaged food items to them. Wangaraufoods also brands and packages food items as souvenirs for all kinds of events.
How long has the business been in existence?

Wangaraufoods will be 2 years on the 14th of August.

Why should customers patronize you and not your competitors? In other words, what is your unique selling point?
We offer tailored personal shopping experience to each and every customer that patronizes us. Each customer’s request is different from the other, each specification is not the same as the other. Wangaraufoods prides itself in being able to pay attention to detail so as to meet every need and request.
This is where we differ with others. We have done this for about two years now and we have noticed that our customers keep coming back for more.
What challenges did you face in launching the business? 

My first challenge was fear of starting out because it was totally different from what I was used to, but once I got past that fear and conquered it, the challenge of finance took over…????

Challenges still faced?
Finance is a major challenge for me. With God’s grace and new found information in sourcing funding. We hope we will be able to meet this challenge.
Did you seek bank funding? If not, Why not?
No I did not. This is because I want to grow Wangaraufoods to a certain level before I can check the interest rates and other avenues of seeking external funds again. Before now, I have had to resort to family, friends and angel investors who invest with little or no interest at all.
Do you have a business plan? Was it professionally written or did you write it yourself?
Yes I do have a business plan that was written by a business consultant.
Did you train formally/informally for the business before you started? 

I trained informally with someone I will refer to as a Mentor. It was an informal one.The rest, I have learned from my mistakes and failures.

What form of I.T. do you use in your business?
I use the basic microsoft software applications e.g excel, ms word and powerpoint. I also use corel draw and some graphic softwares which are used by professional graphic artists.
Do you have a corporate account separate from your personal account?Do you sometimes mix monies from both accounts?
The company has a separate account from my personal account but I sometimes mix my personal funds with the company’s. This is because Wangaraufoods is still a startup business. I still put in money from my personal fund into the business but I have never used the company’s fund for personal expenses. Never.
How long can your business survive without you being there physically (key-man risk)?
Because of the measures I have put in place in form of my very competent staff, it is safe to say that Wangaraufoods can function without me being physically present. But of course I will still need to give the necessary directions and instructions over the telephone.
Where do you see your business in 5 years? Which big company are you bench marking against?
By God’s grace, in 5 years, I see Wangaraufoods becoming a household name with a staff strength of over 100 offering employment opportunities to Nigerians. Within my food package industry, I would prefer to set standards for myself against myself. Each year, I try to set goals and aspirations and work towards meeting  them.
Do you have any regrets?
Not working after I graduated from the University.
With your experience, what advice do you have for other young people who would like to start up a business?
Let God guide you. With Determination, Resilience, Persistence and God, you can be what you want to be, do what you want to do and go to anywhere you want to go. The journey of a thousand Kilometers begins with a step.
Think big but start small. As you progress, the journey becomes enjoyable and the road gradually becomes clearer. Do what you love doing as you will see it less as a job but more as  a hobby and something you like doing. With this, it becomes effortless for your mind body and soul.
Victoria MamzaMeet Victoria Mamza, Founder And C.E.O of Wangaraufoods- Ekoconnect
C.E.O of Wangaraufoods
Instagram- @wangaraufoods
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