Men’s Fashion – Metro/Homo/ Sporno Sexual

Metrosexual men aren’t gay. They are straight men that share the trait of looking after their appearance, which may involve styling products, creams/moisturizers, waxing, tanning, etc. etc. etc. maybe even some make up.

Metrosexual is the popular word used to describe the modern man with a high disposable income who pays great attention to his appearance.
Some people may still see that as gay, because they associate that level of interest in one’s appearance to being a gay trait.

That’s down to them, and prevailing opinion. There is no absolute answer, especially if you’re are talking about the specific reactions of isolated individuals.

Someone’s appearance may not raise an eyebrow in one area, but get you labels as a gay in another and maybe even beaten up.

Trying to pin down the exact point of departure between a fashion savvy metrosexual and his man-loving homosexual counterpart can difficult. It is like questioning which is more brutal, a Nigerian soldier or his mopol counterpart?

Out of the way, women! If you think you have achieved equality with men in professional or social spheres, you’re forgetting something. Men of today are rapidly catching up in the vanity race and might soon be as pretty as you are!

Forget that wet and sticky pomade from the past. Today, men’s lifestyle habits center around malls, clubs, spas, gyms, beauty clinics and hairdressers.

Some women find that the metro-sexual man is more tenderhearted than his “ordinary” counterpart.

And why not? whose heart wouldn’t go soft after constant pampering with lulur, or a traditional lightening body scrub, a wax here and there; oh, and don’t forget the cucumber patches to help maintain the shine of the eyes.

Surely they’ll understand women’s feelings and how to treat them better after being treated like women themselves.

But how far can this metrosexuality go without mistakenly crossing to the other side…homosexuality?

With careful observation and a bit of extra common sense, you can spot the difference between these two types of men.

Ladies, is he really just a metrosexual? Or is he a bit metrsexual and a bit homosexual? Bare in mind, not all facts stated below are 100 percent guaranteed, but it helps to know if your guy prefers James Bond to Elton John:

If he’s often overly fussy like a peacock, about aesthetics and behaviors (such as neatness, decoration or public services) or he gets hysterically happy receiving gifts related to body treatment products (such as body lotion, exclusive shaving cream and after shave, perfume, etc), there’s an 88 percent chance he’s homosexual.

Pay attention to the way he arranges his tops. Size wise, if it’s semi-fitted, that’s acceptably metrosexual, but if it’s so tight you can see the curves of his gym-toned body, he’s most likely pitching his tent for the gay camp.

Also watch, if he pops the collar of his polo shirt, or “tries” to look preppy by wrapping a sweater around his neck just for the heck of it, then he’s 99.5 percent gay.

Watch out for his selection of accessories. A metrosexual man will choose fashionable items that are rather functional and most importantly practical. If you see him carrying the “it” tote bag (no matter if it’s made from canvas or crocodile leather), wearing shoes that are too pointy or too shiny, has reshaped eyebrows and flaunts colored contact lens, I’m sorry ladies, you can say “buh-bye gay!” to him now.

Too much perfume can increase gayness 45 percent, but if you see any evidence of whitening cream or concealer in his toiletries, beware of the 80 percent possibility he prefers the company of gentlemen.

Shaved armpits sometime present cleanliness, but don’t you think it’s a bit girlie for guys?

Don’t worry too much if he’s bulky on the top but has a pair of tooth picks for legs. It’s quite common for the metro-sexual to concentrate too much on the upper-body and forget to exercise the legs.

Elements of pop culture can be expressed through a dashing of girlie colors on his shirt, tie, or underwear and the appearance of dear cartoon character on his belongings can raise the queer factor 60 percent.

Last but not least, observe his interest in art imagery be it sculpture, painting or photography. If you find pieces inspired by the male body, then it’s a done deal – he’s gay.

It’s the world’s modernization trend that demands men make themselves their own object of desire and pride. But its their lifestyle orientation that causes us confusion in recognizing which of them is straight, bisexual, or gay.

Instead of sticking to the stereotypical old fashion man that can be dominating sometimes, perhaps you want to opt for metro-sexual man who will probably just dominate the shelf space in your bathroom?

Metrosexuality is, in a paradox, not skin deep. It’s not about facials and man-bags, guy-liner and flip flops. It’s not about men becoming “girly” or “gay”. It’s about men becoming everything. To themselves. Just as women have been encouraged to do for some time.


Unlike Beckham’s metrosexual ads of old, in which his attributes were possibly artificially enhanced, today’s spornosexuals have photo-shopped themselves in real life.

Glossy magazines cultivated early metrosexuality. Celebrity culture then sent it into orbit. But for today’s generation, social media, selfies and porn are the major vectors of the male desire to be desired. They want to be wanted for their bodies, not their wardrobe. And certainly not their minds.

Let’s bring it home – if the interest in fashion and personal care services among Lagos men, especially in the entertainment industry and amongst the highly paid professionals is growing, then the male-oriented boutiques and salons should be readying for dynamic growth or even a boom.

After all, the  “Metrosexual”, the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in Lagos (because that’s where all the best shops are) promises the advent of perhaps the most promising growth sub sector in the fashion and beauty industry in Nigeria.

Source: Datefix


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