How to Own A Modeling Agency In Lagos

Do you want to be a modeling agent? Can you manage a team of talented models? Do you know that you can start your own modeling agency from home with very little experience? You will need a lot of enthusiasm and be ready to work hard and smart though.

Most employers prefer to hire models through a modeling agency who does all the scouting, training, screening, selection and sends the best qualified candidate to them. This saves time and energy for the employers.

For instance, if a fashion designer decides to hire three models and goes ahead to place the advert himself, he’s sure to receive well over 500 applications. Then he has to begin to screen each applicant to decide which is best for the job; that’s a lot of work. The agency also helps to negotiate a contract between the model and the employer.

As a modeling agency, your clients will range from fashion houses to advertising agencies, professional artists, television stations and other companies that deal with branding, advertisements and promotions. Here’s a basic guideline on how to start a modeling agency from home.

How To Own a Modeling Agency In Lagos

1. You Need Know-how

The most important thing is to understand the nitty-gritty of the business. You need to learn as much as you can about the industry. The more you know about the business, the better prepared you are to handle any challenges that you may face in the business. Most of all, be bold. Step to the bread seller and offer to work with her if she has potential. Go to MTN and tell them what you have and why they should work with you. Fortune favours the bold.

2. Choose a Niche

There are different types of modeling agencies based on the categories of models they work with ie, runway, commercial, promotional and body arts. What’s your preferred area?

You should decide on the type of modeling agency you would like to start.  All these are factors you have to put into consideration before starting this business.

3. Search for clients

While working and gaining experience in the industry, you must have made a few contacts that could help to facilitate your new business. However, you must make sure you inform them of your intention to set up a modeling agency. You should also contact advertising agencies, photographers and designers for job opportunities.

4. Scout for models

You can start by placing advertisements in the newspapers stating the types of models you want and the required vital statistics. When you receive applications, you can shortlist the applicants and invite them for physical screening. Then, you can select those who meet your requirements.

5. Train your models

Of course, you will have to train your models to meet your standards and goals. Remember, the success of your modeling agency will highly depend on how well you train your  models. If you cannot train the models yourself, there are professional trainers that you can hire to be a part of your team.

6. The legal aspect

You would also need to hire an attorney to draft a legal agreement between you and your models, and also between your models and clients whenever you get contracts for them. This would help to protect you as well as your business.

7. Set up your office

Conclusively, you will need to set up an office in a very good location where you can access to the companies you will need to work with. However, you must make sure your office is in a large city where you can easily make new contacts in the entertainment and advertising industry.

8. Get online

This is one startup business that can take off very quickly with a solid digital marketing strategy. It is therefore absolutely vital that you partner with a graphics expert or hire one. A beautiful website with HD pictures of your models will put you miles ahead of established players. This is because, modelling is all about visuals. The more you let people see, the more they will want to work with you.

So, you want a photographer, a graphics person, and a web designer/manager. Thankfully, you can get all three in one person.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com
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