MysteryShopper: LG, Awolowo Road

Saturday morning on Awolowo Road, in front of the LG shop and there is no sign of the previous night’s frolicking.  It is spick and span and the security guards are on hand to help with the parking.  Full marks for first impressions.

When I walked in, I was greeted by the most unlikely sight – a young couple dancing to crisp Michael Jackson Off The Wall in tow with LG (Fouani) staff, supposedly trying out some of the music systems. The staff were very friendly and Blessing was quick to come to my side asking how she could help. Now, my business was with the computer monitors and even though I said as much, she insisted on showing me their new range of phones. I grinned.  Mystery Shopper mode activated! Blessing was about to get the grilling of her life. From Gorilla Glass to FHD, Bluetooth 4.0 as opposed to 3.0, the difference between the LG G2 and the G3, 3Rd party infra-red apps compared to the proprietary LG infra-red application, Blessing was on top of her game.  But for a leaner than wished for pocket, I may even have walked away with an LG phone!  She was that convincing.

But did she help me with my search for a monitor? Yes, she pointed me in the right direction and told me who to speak to, all the while smiling like we’re recently re-acquainted old friends.

A new department, new staff. This time the reception is a little cooler. I am made to wait without acknowledgement while the “Ogaish” looking gentleman speaks on the phone. First points off. I feared that because I was carrying a voucher and not wads of N1,000 notes, I might be given the “poorer relative” treatment. But no. I was asked to choose what I wanted up to the Value of my voucher and even when I changed my mind, Mr. Ogaish Gentleman quietly tore up the old receipt and printed a new one.

I was ushered into the testing room, again all very professional, where my shiny new monitor was put through its paces and promptly repacked like it was coming straight from South Korea. Impressive.

There was help on hand to ferry my 22” monitor an of 15feet to the car. The offer of course was declined as it should have been by any self-respecting former squash champion. And also because I wasn’t ready to pay N200 for the service and have to pay another N200 for the usual “ na me park you oga”. But, another pleasant surprise –I was waved on by the efficient Security guards without as much as a cocked head silent pleading. Maybe they knew I had come in with a voucher and had their sights firmly on the real spenders.

But in all, this was about as enjoyable as a voucher claiming exercise could be and my tour round the shop while waiting for my new toy, coupled with the attitude of the staff, confirmed that l would be back here as soon as possible. I just have to make it to the quarter finals of the next Squash tournament.


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