Learn How To Cope With N145 Petrol & N200 Diesel

It is one palaver to the other for the average Lagosian it seems. One minute it’s the ‘dollar’ – the exchange rate has gone through the roof and is the reason for all things bad, including your mother in law’s foul temper. Now, in addition to the petrol pump price of N145 per litre, diesel now sells for a minimum of N200 per litre.

N145 & N200 per litre may actually save lives and make us healthier

145 and 200; the numbers which denote misery for most Lagosians, unless of course you’re in “oil and gas”, whatever that means these days.

Now, it’s escalating price of fuel. Diesel is now priced at N200 per litre and climbing, while rumours have it that the price of petrol may go up because of the falling exchange rate.


How do you overcome the debilitating (tending to weaken) effect of N145/litre?

Here we go:


That’s right, walk. Not only is it healthy, it saves money. But to do it with style, you will need to acquire a few props. Thankfully, these are one off expenses that won’t cost you any money after the initial purchase.

An umbrella, a pair of trainers, and a wearable. A wearable is a modern device which not only tells time, it also tells how many calories you’ve burnt AND how many steps you’ve taken in a day.

There are nice inexpensive wearables on Jumia and the like and most device manufacturers – Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony – all make wearables now. If nothing else, they are excellent conversation starters, and as entrepreneurs, we know how useful those can be.


Cycling in Lagos is considered either for low guys who can’t afford taxis, or for the spoilt Lekki dwellers riding all over West Africa with a lack of something better to do. But cycling is super healthy, and no its not for low guys. It can in fact be quite cool.

London now has a government backed cycling program, which is part of the public transport system. Chinese cities not only encourage cycling, but they practice it actively as a means of transportation.

Copenhagen (Denmark) is an acclaimed biking city with over 35% of its adult citizens using bicycles daily. Munich, Germany is another major biking city, as are Amsterdam, Holland, Paris, France, and the surprise entry, Washington, the capital of America, which was recently named the cycling capital of America!

So, is it not time Lagos joined the league of biker cities? Afterall, ‘Lagos no dey carry last’. Or is that Warri? No matter, you get the idea.


Do you really have to waste your precious N145/litre petrol going across town for a meeting? Now we are almost spoilt for communication options – Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, the list actually does go on.

So why not pick up your smart phone and have what is known as a teleconference instead of burning N145/litre fuel in traffic. Spend your data instead.

Thanks to Glo, all the other networks have dropped their data costs and you now have the power to teleconference at manageable rates.

Don’t overlook ISPs (internet service providers) like Smile who seem to have back to back cost saving promos just to impress and acquire customers. Take advantage – it’s a buyer’s market.

Go Green:

If you still haven’t bought that inverter system, this is the time to do so. At N200 per litre, diesel is no longer a viable option to petrol. There are no savings to be made. Thankfully, there are inverter fans, inverter fridges, and maybe even inverter TV sets soon!

For the more adventurous, NIPCO – the Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company converts vehicles from petrol to compressed natural gas – CNG, and converts all say the savings are huge!

Now these savings were huge when compared with petrol at N87/litre last year. Imagine what the savings will be like when compared to N145/litre petrol.

Make More Money:

This is the bottom-line really. N145/litre will matter very little if incomes doubled. So why not focus on making more money? And this is not a time for wishful thinking either.

What can earn more money in a short period of time? Consulting? Trading? Preaching the word? Whatever it takes. If you must, learn a new skill. These are desperate times.


Lets face it, we’re Africans. When faced with such major challenges like N145/litre, we resort to prayer. If nothing else, prayers make us feel better.

You may not stumble on a million dollars in the middle of the road like you prayed for, but you will definitely feel better after a sweaty, demon-trampling session of ‘powerful’ prayers.

And who knows, there may just be a lottery coupon with your name on it. But for goodness sake, buy the ticket! God will not deliver pro bono (free).


Ifeanyi Maduka

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