A New Identity: Let The Star Within

“And he brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther…” (Esther 2: 7)

That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional today.

Before Esther became queen, her name was already Esther. The name ‘Esther’ means ‘star’.

So even before Esther got to the throne, stardom was already hovering around her. Before she attained royalty, greatness was already in her. her present identity was her future reality. The throne didn’t make her a star; the star in her brought the throne.

One strategy of the enemy is to make us take on the identity of our negative circumstances. Like in the case of blind Bartimaeus, he wants you to be known by what is not working in your life. The enemy would probably have wanted Esther to be known as a slave rather than a future queen; the enemy would have wanted her to be known by her past or present, but not by her future.

Take your identity from God’s word; tell yourself what God’s word says about you;

Proclaim God’s word into your life, family, marriage, ministry, career, business, etc; even when your circumstances are not good enough, take your identity from what God says about you; keep speaking positive words to yourself even if you are still in obscurity; keep holding on to what God says about you no matter what your situation says.

Instead of taking on the identity of where you are coming from, take on the identity of where you are going to; instead of being known for what went wrong in your life, be known for what is about to happen in your favour. Call yourself positive names; shower yourself with encomiums even if no one else will.

Remember, Esther was called a star, and a star she became. She attracted what she was called. Run away from those who prefer to identify you wrongly, insist on a new and positive profile and you will attract what you are called.

Declare With Me: I refuse every negative identity; I take my identity from God’s word, in Jesus’ name!

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