Noir Restaurant Review

Ever heard about French cuisines and their storied wines? Or dreamt of tasting these fabled dishes? French Cuisine is a grand blend of culture, custom, complexity and most importantly, affection for food. The French, beyond the ingredients and procedures that go into making a rich mix of flavours, ensure they leave a lasting effect on your taste buds. Food, here, is considered as a lifestyle, and the good news is that you don’t have to go to France to enjoy this indulging treat.

At Noir Lagos, this experience can be lived.

Noir is a French inspired culinary experience that combines fine dining with a fun, friendly and warm environment. As a brand, it is almost as if Noir swore a blood oath to give its guests a taste of Paris in the bustling city of Lagos. You can’t even imagine the scenes.




In addition to the main restaurant, Noir also comprises a VIP Lounge, a CafĂ© and an outdoor terrace – where a casual menu is offered, all working together to transport its guests to an almost familiar yet uniquely different Parisian experience. The African arts on the wall keeps your feet firmly planted else you get swept off your feet by the euphoria.

With a wine cellar filled with a vast collection of international fine wines and a bar stocked with a variety of liquor selection, Noir boasts of trained mixologists with very high sense of adventure, more than willing to create the most exquisite cocktails to ensure you have a fun night out!

They even go one better… Noir offers exclusive package deals for Birthdays, Bachelor’s Eve Party, Wedding Dinners, and even Proposal arrangements.

These can be customized to suit your wildest imaginations and bring these dreams to life.

Owing to their boldness in culinary experiments, their ever changing menu ensures that your previous experience is almost certain to be surpassed on your next visit, as the attendants are schooled in helping you make a choice in case you get lost in this world of culinary grandeur.

So what’s it gonn’ be for you? To dream or not to dream, and just do it.

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