How Small Things Matter A Lot In Big City – Phones & Accessories

The sight of gadget man walking proudly through the streets of Lagos is fairly common place now; and they’re are many such gadget men. The thing is, bluetooth devices don’t cost very much anymore, even in the face of the spiralling Naira-Dollar exchange rate. Earphones and headphones don’t cost much either.

But this is not reason enough to show up at a meeting or in a prospect’s office with things strapped to your waist or round your neck or worst of all, sticking out of your ear. Many of these items are called ‘hands-free’, which means you use them when your hands are otherwise occupied, like while driving.

In fact, the fewer gadgets seen on your person, the more serious you will be taken. You’re a man in control of your time if your business and appearance are uninterrupted; and speaking of interruptions, it is an absolute must that your phone is kept either completely out of sight or is muted (unless you’re carrying one of the latest beauties like the Samsung S7, Iphone 6 or the Huawei P9).

Be smart with your phones…

Smartphones have taken over from gadgets once known as PDAs – personal digital assistants, and like real assistants, they must look good. A shabby phone, a cracked screen, peeled paint – these are no-nos for an aspiring entrepreneur. They say all the wrong things about you – you’re unsuccessful; uninterested in your appearance; you are nonchalant.

An old looking phone says you’re unaccustomed to the finer things. There are now many very smart looking smart phones at very affordable prices from phone makers like Infinix, Techno, and Xaiomi (this little Chinese startup currently outsells Apple Iphones in China!).

If you must have that flagship phone from Apple or Samsung, then there’s a vibrant second hand market where there are many good looking examples of last year’s must-have phones. Just remember to test them properly before you walk away with your purchase. This market does not do returns or replacements!

I will emphasise the point – there’s nothing wrong with buying a good second hand phone – it shows you understand signalling, or more appropriately, packaging.

Let us summarise – cut a clean look as often as possible. Look at successful businessmen and entrepreneurs – how many of them go around strapped with phones and wires and headsets? Exactly, none.

Remember to find a suitable mentor or example and mirror them. We learn best from those who have made the mistakes, learnt from them and are now actualised as true success stories. Go out there and emulate.


Ifeanyi Maduka

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