Popular Roadside Foods In Lagos

Roadside Food In Lagos - Ekoconnect

Lagos is a very busy city. I can still remember when I first moved to Lagos, the only thought that kept vibing in my head was, “Why is everyone so busy?? I had to learn that in Lagos streets, you have to walk confidently and very fast, to scare off pickpockets. You also have to be very cautious of other passerby or else you will keep bumping into people.

Lagosians are very busy people. Whether you are a corporate worker, a business owner, or a sales person, to get to your office/shop on time, you have to leave your house very early in the morning. You spend all day at work and a good part of the evening en route to home.  People barely have the time to eat a proper home-made meal. So, we are left at the mercy of restaurants and roadside food.

Here are some of the most popular roadside foods that everyone in Lagos should know of:

Gala and Soft drink
Gala is sausage roll and it is the most popular snack in Lagos. Most people do not have the time to eat breakfast at home. Wherever you are in Lagos, at a bus park, in the bus/ car, Gala and soft drink is usually the easiest food to find.
Plantain Chips
You can find plantain chips in supermarkets, at motor parks and also on the major roads.
Suya, which is grilled spicy meat, is sold on Lagos streets by  “Mallams”. Suya is the most popular night snack in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. It is served with yajispice, onions and cabbage. Some people like to eat suya with bread.
Bole and groundnut
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Bole is roasted plantain and it is usually eaten with groundnuts.
Puff puff
Roadside Food In Lagos - Ekoconnect
Very similar to donuts, puff puff is usually sold on street sides in transparent show glasses.
Ewa agonyin: This is mashed beans. It is served with a special peppered sauce popularly referred to as agonyin. This a very popular Lagos roadside food mostly sold in the morning. It can either be eaten with bread or garri (fried cassava flakes).
Dudun and akara: Fried yam and akara (fried bean cakes) is a popular Lagos street food commonly hawked in the early morning and evenings.
Noodles and egg
 In Lagos, it’s not uncommon to find queues around noodles and egg joints at night. As the name suggests, this quick meal is always garnished with a variety of things like vegetables, sausages and fish. It is mostly served alongside fried/boiled egg.
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Abacha is an Eastern Nigerian dish which has rapidly gained grounds as a Lagos street food. It is is prepared with sliced cassava, oil, potash, onions, and several other condiments. Abacha is usually served with fish and “kpomo”.
Moin moin: Moin moin is a snack made by boiling mashed shredded beans.

Roasted corn and pear/coconut: Whenever corn is in season, you can count on finding roasted corn dotting the streets of Lagos, sold alongside pear (ube) and/or coconut.

Boiled groundnut: Groundnuts boiled with their husks is also popular on the streets of Lagos.


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