RedCab Rebrands For Excellent Services

AS part of measures to add value and render excellent services to its customers, Citrans Global Limited, operators of Lagos Red Cab, has re-branded its identity with new range of cars.

According to the Managing Director, Stella Okolo in a statement, the new image of the brand is a distinct combination of red and black colours, depicting elegance and strength and compliments the company`s newly unveiled logo.

Okolo said the unveiling was done to create a new positive image in the minds of their customers and also to reposition Red Cab despite challenges being faced within the industry.

She added that the mono-colour nature of the brand has seen so many illegal operators disguising as Red Cab drivers when they are not.

She stated further: “This is accentuated by the fact that there is absence of strict enforcement of regulations for taxi services in Lagos State. Also the result of which is the infiltration of the industry by so many unregistered operators to the determent of the modern taxi business”.

She however noted that, the idea to change the brand image was to distance Red Cab from the activities of the impostors and thus protect their numerous customers from the activities of unregistered operators and to restore her customers’ confidence.

Okolo said the new ‘Red’ would deliver high level of efficiency, top notch services, promptness, cultured and neat drivers.

“It is a new dawn at Red Cab, take a ride, feel the difference which gives the customers the privilege to enjoy free internet access powered by Swift G4 LTE Wi-Fi while on board”, she added.

She said, “apart from booking online via www.citransgloballtd.com, the company has deployed free Google App, ‘redclick’ where customers can book and make payments online even in their comfort zone and have a cab at their door step without interacting with anybody.”

“In line with the cashless policy, we have POS in each cab so our customers can make cashless payment right inside the cab”.

Additionally, she maintained that, the company is empowering the drivers through their ‘Drive-To-Own’ scheme to take ownership of the cabs after a specified period of successful operation.


Source: Guardian Nigeria

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