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Rukkie Benson Nkanu is a Catwalk instructor, Pageant coach/coordinator and an actress. She is also the CEO of RUKKIES HOUSE.  Her first appearance was in the movie (One Good Man), which recently premiered on 31st July 2016 in Abuja.IMG_7419

Ms Rukkie Benson is a 24 years old  graduate from the university of Uyo. She studied Media and communication Arts.

Her company, RUKKIES HOUSE, is a Modeling and fashion outfit poised to train, promote,encourage and expose fashion entrepreneurs to a global audience.

@Rukkies house, their services include models and designers management, pageantry coach and coordinating, catwalk Instructing, runway/fashion events and ushering.

The interview

What would you say is your Inspiration?

I love fashion, I’m a fashion addict! This was why I went into modeling. Also, I wanted to help create jobs and employment opportunities for young fashion and runway enthusiasts who find themselves equipped with nothing but just a dream.

What’s your Target Audience Rukkie?

Young people, fashionistas, models, designers,aspiring beauty Queens and fashion Houses in Nigeria and Africa at large.

And how long has the business being in existence?

6 years and counting.

What challenges did you face in launching the business?

RUKKIES HOUSE looks to promote, encourage and expose fashion entrepreneurs to a global audience. We also try to provide jobs and market their products and services to a wider audience than they would normally reach.

We work with a particular age range (17-28) – we literally make you, advertise you and make sales for you. That’s why we are exceptional!

What challenges would you say you’re still facing now after all this time?

Finance was a major challenge, as I had to start this business with my little savings. I started this business when I was 18 years old. I had no other source of income apart from my little pocket-money, and trust me it was really small (lol).

Today, finance is still an issue, but it’s better than when I first started.

Combining this business with school was really tasking as I had to travel, go for meetings, organize pageants in other states etc.

I was really scared because I never had support from my parents as they had this bad impression about modeling and pageantry so I was totally on my own in this! Dad as an ex military man threatened fire and brimstone! Mum wasn’t happy either. I had this fear of failing too as I was a novice not really a pro when I started The Business.

I never had an office or rehearsal ground until 2015. Because I was based in cross River state and studied in Akwa Ibom state, location was a huge problem.

So what helped you sustain the business through the difficult times then?

Well, those challenges are gone… all thanks to God! (But we still need money for our upcoming show winks)

Did you look to the banks for funding?

I didn’t seek bank funding because I thought I was too young and no one would want to stand as my guarantor. But we are collecting and still asking for funds from certain banks for our upcoming show (catwalkwithrukkie). As sponsorship money, not as loans.

Do you have a business plan for Rukkies?

Yes I have an awesome business plan written by me. Unfortunately people are willing to buy the idea than contribute. But we do have potential sponsors and partners already. We are hopeful more sponsors will show interest before our proposed date.

Where and how did you train for this business before you started out?

I trained formally in a Modeling-agency though not for a long time. I had to work freelance and that was the best decision I made! No client has complained about any job I have done. So far.

If financing was offered to you now this minute, can you secure it? How will you secure it?

I actually wouldn’t take the loan at this point.

What form of IT do you use in your business?

Right now, none. But that will change as the business grows I’m sure.

Do you have a corporate account separate from your personal account?

We have a corporate account, yes! Separate from my personal account. I don’t mix monies.

How long can Rukkies manage without Rukkie Benson being there physically?

I have never thought of leaving my business for anyone. I have this fear that no one can satisfy my clients better than I do, instead I carry my Staffs along. I don’t think my business can survive for long without me for now, because it’s still growing, maybe later in future.

Where do you see Rukkies in 5 years time?

IMG_7418In 5 years we will be known as the no. 1 promoters of fashion entrepreneurs in Africa.

My target is establishing 20 models and 11 designers, 500 beauty queens, 200 ushers every year! My Event #CatwalkWithRukkie will tell u more of what we have in store for Nigeria and Africa!

Do have any regrets doing what you’re doing now?

No Regrets

With your experience, what advice do you have for young people who would like to start their own business?

Dear young people, never say never! Keep pushing. There is nothing impossible, it is only impossible when you say it is! I told myself I was never going to work for anyone but myself, I dreamt of being my boss! Here am I today!

As a girl it’s not easy trust me, many challenges and temptations, but never forget to pray and have faith in God! Because men ought to pray and not faint! God is the one behind my success!

You can start a business with as low as N1,000, if u can’t manage it you can never manage N1 million. And don’t think it’s easy! It’s not easy to be independent but it is worth it!

Image (1)IMG_7680

IMG_4124Anticipate my Show (CatwalkwithRukkie) a Runway and fashion competition open to models and designers.

This event is in Partnership with the Cross River State government as one of the Events for the Annual CALABAR CARNIVAL.

For sponsorship or partnership call: 08060167611 info@rukkieshouse.com

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Hene Udeh
Hene Udeh
6 years ago

All I can say Is I love you, keep doing what you know best honey. God bless RUKKIES HOUSE.

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