The 2 Most Important Self Help Books Ever…

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, are arguably the 2 most important personal development/self-help books ever written. Admittedly, this is a subjective statement and many people will have their own contenders for the top 2 positions.

Self-help in totality

What we find however, is that many of the more recent and successful self-help books borrow copiously from these 2 books to drive their message. In other words, these 2 books have earned their right of place as 2 of the most important business and self-help books in the world.
In truth, by reading and internalizing either of these 2 books, an entrepreneur can expect a major shift in his business and personal relationships. This improvement in relationships WILL lead to a significant rise in his income! Note the use of the word “will”, not “might”. That is how powerful these books are.
Note that these books are much older than the current best sellers in the personal development category. Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits” was first published 27 years ago in 1989, while Dale Carnegie’s book was first published in 1937! Almost 80 years ago.

Good habits, right habits, are timeless

To put in proper perspective the ‘newer’ of the 2 books “7 Habits” was published before the concept of social media was born. Before the creation of the DVD, and 10 years before the development of the computer mouse. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook was 5 years old. Yet, they are still considered the ‘go to’ books in their category. This further cements the amazing reputation developed by both writers over the years.
How do these books sit with other undoubtedly well researched and well-written self-help books? The current serialisation of the “48 Laws of Power” in our Small Business Books segment introduces an edge to self-development. An edge which is definitely a requirement for successful Lagos living. It is not in the mould of the aforementioned books. Yet, the 48 Laws of Power definitely has a role to play in modern business life. The style and manner in which it is written may be considered callous by many, but the message is strong and relevant.
So, for a modern Lagos entrepreneur, we fully recommend these 3 books. And, will present them successfully over the next few weeks.
To reiterate: either of Dale Carnegie’s book or Stephen Covey’s book is an absolute must for small business owners the world over. It is therefore a must for a Lagos business person.

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