Severe Gridlock Heightens Crime Rate

The latest survey conducted by leading research institute, NOIPolls, which was released yesterday, has revealed that severe traffic gridlock and heightened crime rate have now become the major sources of concern to the residents of Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos, since Governor Akinwunmi Ambode assumed office in May 2015.

According to the report, Lagosians identified severe traffic gridlock across the metropolis (26 percent), bad roads (22 percent), poor power supply (14 percent), and heightened insecurity (8 percent), with an upsurge in the activities of armed robbers, area boys, touts, pick-pockets and petty criminals; as issues affecting their daily lives and raising serious concerns.

Also contained in the report are responses of some Lagosians who participated in the poll. They identified the following areas for the governor’s attention: Improved road networks (36 percent), creation of job opportunities (12 percent), improved power supply (12 percent), improved traffic control & management (10 percent), and improved state security (eradicating touts & area boys) (8 percent).

An evaluation of Ambode’s performance revealed that a larger proportion of almost six in 10 Lagosians (38 percent) were indifferent about his performance, owning to the issues identified above. On the other hand, 36 percent of the respondents expressed their satisfaction over his performance, while 26 percent expressed outright dissatisfaction. Furthermore, six in 10 Lagosians rated the governor ‘poorly’ in terms of ‘road infrastructure’ (60 percent), with further poor ratings in ‘economic situation’ (58 percent), ‘traffic management’ (54 percent), ‘education’ (42 percent) and the ‘security of lives and properties’ (41 percent).



Source: The Guardian Nigeria

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