Sex In The City – Lagos Red Light Zones

Sex sells and has always sold in big cities like Lagos. Except now, it is a huge industry, and it’s coming to a street near you!

There are very few areas of Lagos left unexposed to the illicit trade – from the mainland to the island, Ikeja to Ajah. This is a thriving and increasingly sophisticated business.

But what has led to the explosion of this oldest of businesses in Lagos? Corruption. Free money, thanks to thieving public officials and their agents; and of course, the attendant poverty – mind and material. The expatriates are also playing their part with cheap Naira to throw around.

Runs girls…

With the breakdown of moral values or values of any kind frankly, its a free for all now. Never in the history of this city has sex been so overtly displayed. It’s in the schools, it’s on the streets, it’s on mobile phones. Not surprisingly, we hardly have prostitutes anymore in Lagos, let alone harlots (what a wonderfully ancient word). Now we have ‘runs girls’.

So where in our overly permissive city are you most likely to find these ‘runs girls’? In just about every bar, club or hangout in the following areas:

Ikeja – Allen avenue and its environs have traditionally played host to club girls in Ikeja. More recently though, GRA, Isaac John to be precise, has become a very popular destination for revelers.

Surulere – while Surulere was always a favourite location for nightlife in Lagos, it has grown significantly in status, moving up the social scale especially with the facelift carried out by former governor Fashola. Adeniran Ogunsanya, a once quiet residential street is now arguably the most vibrant sex destination in the city. Almost the entire length of the street is dotted with bars, clubs and even strip joints by night.

Ikoyi – this is one area that has managed to remain relatively unaffected by the growing menace, confining the illicit activities to Awolowo road. Even at that, it pales in comparison to the other party zones around Lagos.

Victoria Island – Welcome to party central! There are probably more upscale bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants in VI, than there are in the rest of Lagos put together. All of this means big money and big spenders. Runs girls complete the picture.

Lekki 1/Oniru – the newest but fastest growing playground for runs girls and their playmates. The Palms shopping mall attracts a fair number of night crawlers but certainly the main destination has to be Admiralty Road and its many side streets in Lekki. With increased commercialisation, Admiralty Road is a daily beehive of activity with plenty money to spare and hence honey to share. Lekki is the new Sin City.

Also rans

While suburbs like Festac and VGC are quietly going about their ‘business’ on an admittedly significant scale, they don’t represent go-to destinations and are typically avoided by the serious punters.

With the near total domination of physical locations, the next real target is digital. Websites, BBM PINs and Twitter handles are aplenty, all offering a good time to interested parties. Runs girls run the show on the Lagos party scene.

As Lagos approaches mega city status, it seems we will have to take the good, the bad, and the sexy that come with it.


Ifeanyi Maduka

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10 months ago

Please anyone link me up with a pimp(s) around lekki/ajah

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