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Dark start at Dreamtreats

Welcomed by a large purple banner, I made my way into Dreamtreats, a shop that specializes in the business of cakes. Unfortunately, when I stepped in, there was no electricity. And so the shop was very dark. I completely understand the issue we have with fuel from time to time. But this was a shame as it almost ruined my first impression of the shop.

I went under the guise of needing to find a cake for my aunty’s baby shower. And, I wanted to see a few samples of what they had done in the past before I decided whether or not they would be the perfect vendor for me. Sadly, their cake display was empty. This is also understandable, as cakes perish quickly.

It may also mean the business managers are not doing such a good job of estimating demand and managing inventory a little more effectively. Either way, this was not looking like a dream start for Dreamtreats. baby-shower-cake-topper

But pressing on, I asked a few questions about the types of cakes they offered and the amount of lead time or notice they needed for customers to book a cake. Responding, the business manager responded with a plenitude of answers and I suddenly started to feel at ease in Dreamtreats.

Good use of technology at Dreamtreats

She was also quick to inform me that they had a Facebook page loaded with pictures of cakes previously made, complete with customer feedback. This almost made up for the fact that there was nothing much to see at the shop. As I was about to step out, I heard the generator stir and the staff promptly hurried me back in. A screen promptly came on with a series of well-organised pictures in folders according to different event types. After this, my chaperone showed me an array of pictures of baby shower cakes that they have made in the past. Things were literally looking up finally.

More interestingly, Dreamtreats had a 24 hour turnaround time from order to pickup. This meant you could make a late decision, place an order, and still be well prepared for a party.

For me, this was the icing on the cake. And so I left well-informed and well set to come back with an order for my baby shower cake! All I need now is a pregnant aunty.

In all, the staff on hand were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back to order a real cake. Price-wise, Dreamtreats seemed competitive enough. If only I could have had a real taste of the offerings…

My assessment, a tasty 7/10.


Ore Ogunbiyi

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7 years ago

Thank you for your honest feedback. The building we currently occupy is serviced and so we have no control over electricity and even parking. That accounts for the ‘dark’ room and the empty displays as we are determined not to sell stale products. We are however working hard towards a location where both problems can be solved…. Full control over electricity and suitable parking space. Your piece comes as an encouragement that we are headed in the right direction!!

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