How Small Things Matter A Lot in Big City – Postcodes

‘Where do you live?’ the young hustler was asked by a prospect making small talk. ‘Lekki Axis’ the young man replied and promptly steered the conversation in another direction.

Lekki axis could of course mean anything from the 1st roundabout to Epe! While we are on the subject, let’s be clear – Aguda is not Surulere, Obalende is not ‘South West’ Ikoyi, and Ogba is not ‘just after’ Ikeja’?

We could go on, but the point should be well taken by now. So why does it matter so much? It is because there are very few signals of prosperity that rank higher than your postcode, office or home.

The right postcode is a potential key to success

So don’t think people who strive to live in these areas are irresponsible or shallow. Rather, it is the case that these people understand the game. They know the potential business you can attract by giving the ‘right’ impression about you or your company.

Walk into an office to close a deal, then tell the prospect you were a little late coming because the traffic out of Ajegunle was particularly bad that morning. If your Banana Island-dwelling-prospect confirms that you indeed live in Ajegunle, that deal may be dead on arrival.

Instead, say Apapa traffic was bad. Let him put two and two together and hopefully get 22!

Package properly. As an entrepreneur, leave little to chance. Use every means available to communicate success. Exude material comfort and let decision makers and office bearers feel comfortable around you. Afterall, you are one of them by virtue of your postcode, except that you run your own business.

Yes, there is a certain moral deficiency in this story. Plainly put, you will be lying if you called Alakija ‘FESTAC area’, or claimed that Awoyaya was just after Ajah.

But there’s an ‘escape’ for those whose conscience won’t let them bend the truth a little – the new postcode system groups many locales together such that Ikeja, parts of Ogba and Ojodu all share a common postcode – 100215.

So choose the right postcode and use strategically – the Federal government has helped level the playing field for the ‘packaged’ entrepreneur. Just remember to resist all attempts by the prospect to visit you at home.

Final word – everything you do, say or don’t say, speak volumes about you and your business. It’s a hustler’s life and you must learn the rules to stay in the game.


Ifeanyi Maduka

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Christopher Obidike
Christopher Obidike
5 years ago

hello Admin Nice post, but it seems the link to the nigeriapostcodes.com is not working but i found this one http://zipcodespostal.com they cover all postal codes in nigeria. you can replace the nigeriapostcodes with it Thanks

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