SON Raids Market For Substandard Tyres

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) yesterday raided various shops/ warehouses selling substandard tyres at Obalende market in Lagos.

By raiding the market for substandard tyres, The Standard Organisation of Nigeria whose mission is to make the most positive contribution to Nigeria’s society and economy while achieving the goal of improving lives through standards, it has fulfilled one of its goals.

The raid which was carried out by the Lagos office was to drive home its commitment to zero tolerance for substandard goods in the country. The State Coordinator, Ugbaja Joseph, said the unscrupulous activities plaguing the nation have refused to stop.

He added that the Standard Organisation of Nigeria has promised to continue in the fight till importers and manufacturers desist from selling substandard products which the organisation has pledged to eradicate.

These substandard tyres are dangerous to the country and cause tyre blowouts. Tyre blowouts are increasing and are  considered one of the major causes of road accidents as the tyres are prone to bursting at high temperatures.

During the raid witnessed by the media and carried out by both the Standard Organisation of Nigeria officials and riot policemen, various substandard tyres and expired ones were seized. About seven warehouses/ shops were sealed during the raid which lasted for three hours.

Ugbaja said these goods continue to find their way into the country through the ports destroying lives, property in addition to hindering economic development. He said the agency would engage in constant raids of outlets of tyre dealers across the country.

Source: Nation Nigeria

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