How To Start a Book Club In Lagos

If you have a passion for reading books and do not like to read alone, then you may want to consider starting your own book club. A reading club is where a group of people come together to promote the art of book reading and this isn’t a hard thing to set up.

If you are looking to start your own book club, then you must first of all research on what book clubs are, what they entail, how to source for members and how they are run. You can readily get information on these questions from the internet. Do this research and you would be amazed at the volume of information you might get.

How To Start a Book Club In Lagos- Sample Business Plan

1. Determine the kind of book club You Want
First, decide on a club orientation: somewhere between highly social…and seriously academic. If you make this decision at the outset, you’ll know who to invite and what books to read.

2. What kind of books?
Think about the books you like. They might include the following genres or a mix of it; the fiction based books which consist of the historic, general, romance, sci-fi, western, mystery, classic, current or general.
Next, vary your reading by moving between more challenging works…and those on the lighter side.

There also is the non-fiction which has the following under its category; history, memoir, biography, travel, current events, science and cooking. Others are in the category of poetry and drama.

For you to arrive at which, you may consider arranging them from the order of the more challenging works to the lighter ones.

5. Get Your Members

You may consider having 10 – 20 people as members of your team. If you have too much people, it might become difficult to hold group discussions.

However, it is important to start with just 3 people and give them the freedom to invite one person each. It isn’t important that everyone know one another.
Infact it becomes more fun when they do got know one another. After a couple of meetings, you would see how it grows.

6. Determine When to Meet

It is important that you have a designated schedule when you meet; this is so that you can be consistent in achieving your aim.

You may consider making it a once in a month kind of club as this is what obtains in most clubs. Whilst others make theirs an every six weeks or bi monthly affair, it is all up to you to determine which might work for you.

7. Determine a Location

You have got to decide on the best location that might be suitable for you and your team. It may be in a restaurant, home, public libraries, club house or church.

8. Decide on Foodie

Decide if you want to eat at home or out in restaurants or make it an outdoor affair in restaurants. Decide if it should be a real meal, dessert and coffee, wine and cheese or snacks in general.
In some clubs the hosts do all the cooking—that way members don’t have to prepare a dish every time a meeting rolls around. Other clubs like to share the cooking—everyone brings a dish.


9. Choose a name for your book club

You can come up with different names and have your members vote. You may want to take cue from the following name; Red book babes, Best readers or New Orleans literary lions. Be sure that the name you arrive at resonates with what you do.

10. Community Project

Nothing pays like giving back to the community. So you may want to consider giving back to the community from where you operate from. It may be offering a scholarship to a select few or it may be donating books to the local library around you.

Source: www.mytopbusinessideas.com
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