How to Start a Driving School In Lagos

Do want to become an entrepreneur? If you are very good at driving and patient enough to teach other people, then starting your own driving school might be the best option for you.

Getting your own driving school off the ground is possible even with limited startup capital. But as an entrepreneur, you need to plan adequately to avoid failure. Here are the steps involved in starting a successful driving school:

 How To Starting a Driving School In Lagos– Sample Business Plan Template

1. Learn the rules

Lagos state  has laid down rules and regulations for starting a new business. And failing to abide by these laws can cause serious problems for a business owner.

So, you will need to contact the appropriate local agency in Lagos for information on business licensing and personal licensing requirements (for you and other instructors you employ), location requirements, vehicles, vehicle inspections, insurance, and bonding requirements.

If you have questions, I advise you consult with a seasoned attorney or any other business professional with deep knowledge of the business.

2. Register your driving school

This step usually involves not only registering your business name, but also filing articles of incorporation and obtaining necessary licenses.

To protect your personal finance, I recommend that you register your driving school business as a limited liability corporation rather than as a sole proprietorship or partnership.

Your business plan will detail your target market, your competition, required startup costs, marketing strategies, and unique selling proposition.

Other things like your ideal location, required equipment, curriculum, insurance, and so on will also go into your business plan.

Aside serving as a guide to starting your driving school on a good note, your business plan will also come in handy if you need to seek additional funding from third parties, such as investors and banks.

4. Obtain your driving instructor’s license

 The rule is that you must have held a drivers’ license for a defined number of years before you can become an instructor. This usually involves a written test, a practical test, and a background check.
5. Complete all necessary paperwork

This will include filling application forms, applying for a certificate of incorporation, preparing your curriculum, verifying your driving instructor license and that of other instructors you hire, putting your lease agreement in black and white, and going for a criminal background check.

6. Find a good location

The success of your driving school business hinges partly on the location you choose. Your ideal location is one that is close to your target customers, easily accessible for them, and ideal for learning how to drive.

This will include classroom space, office space, and a large expanse of level land for practical training.

7. Get vehicles and hire employees

You need to get a number of vehicles to use for your driving school. Three or four is good for start. Ensure that the vehicles are strong enough for the purpose you need them for.

And ensure they are in very good conditions, so you won’t spend huge costs on maintenance. In addition, you need to hire one or more driving instructors to work with you.

Ensure that they have all the requirements for working as a driving instructor.

8. Launch your driving school

Promote your driving school via print, radio, and internet advertising. Start operations once you start having students.

Odira Onyenso
Source: mytopbusinessideas.com


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Ismail Osunlana
6 years ago

This is nice and has been insightful for our company DriversNg(www.driversng.com)

Ifeanyi Maduka
6 years ago

Pleased to hear that sir. You’re welcome to tell us more about your company and take full advantage of the platform.
Kind regards.

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