How To Set Up Your Own Private School In Lagos

One of the top priorities of every parent is sending their children to school. Infact, In Lagos, it is believed that if you cannot educate your children, then you have failed as a parent.

Also, due to the high level of corruption in the Nigerian educational system, parents have continued to seek alternative means of educating their kids.Therefore, parents are increasingly enrolling their children in private schools where the standard of teaching is believed to be higher and more sustained.

The major challenges of running a private school are the unavailability of funds, delay in payment of fees, and the numerous charges by government.

With the prevailing economic situation in the country, a minimum of N500,000 would be needed to establish a small school, excluding the cost of securing a building for the venture.

Here Is A Detailed Guide On How To Set Up Your Own Private School

Location Of the Business

The best location to set up this business is in a fast developing area. This is because, developing areas are usually flooded with many public schools, and few private ones.

The cost of the building depends on the size and quality of the building you intend to construct. Insist on a good structure because, your marketing starts from there. The classrooms should be spacious. In truth, it is much easier and cheaper to convert an already developed property.

Modern educational facilities are essential for proper training of pupils. The surroundings must always be kept clean and attractive.
Also, water is very essential, so get borehole (or a deep well with purification equipment) that will supply you water at all times.

 Equip your Classrooms

Apart from the normal chairs and tables, you also need to equip your classrooms with computers and other learning aids; parents will be happier to pay when they see that your classes are properly equipped.

You need plenty of toys, videos and a large screen TV in all the classrooms, not to play movies but for playing educational videos and sometimes, cartoons depending on the class and the children’s age.

If you intend to offer pick and drop services, you may have to use your own car if you have one. If not, go into partnership with a car or bus owner, and share the profits. Make sure you get a decent vehicle that will speak well of your school, and avoid jam-packing children in a bus. The driver must be double checked and registered with the police. You cannot be too careful with other people’s children.

Employing Teachers
You do not need any formal qualifications to start this business. But if you are going to be the school manager, you need the minimum of NCE and experience in educational administration.

A small nursery and primary school needs at least two or more teachers for a start. More teachers and non-teaching staff should be recruited as the school expands. Also, the teacher to student ratio should not exceed one to 15 for effective teaching.

Your Teachers should have minimum of NCE, experience in childcare education, an understanding of the concept of play-work (where children are free to play but do so constructively under the supervision of a teacher) and also have basic love for children.

Determining The Necessary Fees

School fees should be determined by the prevailing economic condition at a particular time, and also by the profile of the people living in your catchment area. Cost and benefit analysis must be properly done to determine appropriate fees.

Register your School and Kickoff

Like every other business, you need to register your school depending on what you want, and based on if there are investors.

Once you’ve put all these in place, the next thing is to advertise your institution. This is to ensure patronage from the public. Schools without a reasonable number of pupils, after three to four years of existence, will have great difficulty in coping in today’s Lagos.

Effective communication between the staff and parents is an essential impetus to boost the growth of the school. Therefore, to ensure the success of this business venture, recruitment of competent staff should never be compromised.


Source: bizideasvester.blogspot.com


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