Starting a Sperm and Egg Bank In Lagos

A sperm and egg bank also known as a Cryobank or an Ova bank is a place where eggs and sperms are collected from donors and stored to be used at a later time to help with reproduction. The eggs and sperms are used for third party reproduction.

In Lagos, there are couples who are not able to have children naturally. They have to go through assisted reproduction. For instance, people suffering from health issues and cannot conceive naturally and people who are single by choice or by fate, yet want children could also tow this route. Some of the common forms of assisted reproduction include-:

Sperm donation-: Men donate sperm to women for artificial surrogacy or insemination.
Ovum donation-: Women donate eggs to other women for In vitro fertilization.
Embryo donation-: A woman that is no longer interested in having more babies may also donate her unused embryos.
Surrogacy-: A woman carries the children of another couple through embryo transplants.
A sperm bank is responsible for collecting these items and freezing them for long term storage. This is how a Sperm and Egg Bank works-:

3 Major Challenges of Starting a Sperm and Egg Bank In Lagos

The most common challenges that sperm and egg banks face in Lagos include:

a. Lagosians have not fully accepted assisted reproduction and donations for fertility. A lot of people frowns at this kind of business; But if only they would think about the lives being saved and the joy being brought to homes by sperm and egg banks.

b. Another challenge is the ability to get healthy donors. Most healthy, suitable people in Lagos may not buy the idea of selling their sperm

c. Also, the level of awareness for sperm and egg donations in Nigeria as a whole is still very low. A lot of people are still not aware that they can make money from donating their sperm.

To start your own sperm and egg bank, you need to carry out a research to determine how viable the business is in your area. If you want to start one in Lagos for instance, your greatest challenge would most likely be cost of power because of the epileptic power supply in Lagos.

When you are done with your research, you should rent a place where you would carry out all your interviews, sperm collection and storage. Make sure you choose a place that is discreet so that you don’t discourage shy customers. You should also equip your sperm bank with the right facilities and make arrangements for uninterrupted power supply to keep the sperm preserved all the way.

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