Street Connect: Vox Pop on The State of The Economy

State of the economy…

These days, most people you meet on the streets of Lagos blame their woes on the increasingly gaunt President Buhari. The man once touted as the saviour of the nation. Now, the President has become one of the most despised Nigerian Heads of State of recent times.

His anti corruption drive has lost its support amongst the populace. This is largely because 18 months in, there has been no high profile conviction. In some cases, charges were dropped without explanation.

Unfortunately for PMB, the economy tanked at about the same time he took office. And so, it was easy to associate the dwindling fortunes of the Nigerian economy with his presidency. Thanks to social media, the President’s shortcomings – real or imposed – are highlighted and broadcast across platforms as skits, memes, and featured articles.

Even the international community has criticized him for taking too long in making critical decisions especially as concerns the economy. And so observers consider part, if not all the troubles of the nation his fault.

Every statement, outfit and choice of loafers attributed or ascribed to PMB is critically assessed..for flaws

Curiously, many Nigerians even claim to have the ability to read the President’s “body language”. Yet, it is difficult and maybe a little unfair to put the blame squarely on Mr. President.  But the truth remains that:

  1. the previous administration mismanaged the economy

  2. the price of crude oil had dropped from a high of over $100 to below $40.

This significant price drop was coupled with the renewed activities of the Niger Delta militants. The twin evil therefore ensured that the economy was heading in only one direction under PMB – South.

But this analysis could go on back and forth like a pendulum without resolution. And this particular analysis now concerns the dreaded R word – recession. In a recession, emotions expectedly take over. Rational thinking is mostly relegated.

The fact however is that there is suffering in the land. That much is undoubted. More so now than at anytime in the last decade. And Nigerians have every right to complain.

However, the right questions really are “what should we complain about?, who should we complain about?”

Let us hear the voice of the people. The voice of God apparently.

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