Meet Sunday Obanubi, CEO Xtrip Express Limited

Meet Sunday Obanubi, CEO Xtrip Express Limited. Mr Sunday read Statistics at the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun state. He also studied Mathematics Education at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka through distance learning in Lagos. He was a banker for six years before he decided to set up Xtrip Deliveries.

Xtrip Express Limited delivers unit items or bulk documents like business proposals, Memos, Invites, school documents, international Passports for individuals and businesses. From a pin, refrigerator, cakes to cartons of wines.

Xtrip Express also offers relocation services. They manage the packing, packaging, loading, transporting, offloading and setting up of your new apartment.

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My Inspiration
I noticed that several manpower and work hour is being wasted through unstructured logistics and a lot of money is being wasted by the little coverage man can do on their own. So we target at helping every entrepreneur to achieve more in their businesses.

A few years back, I saw a quote about winners versus losers and i have kept that closely. I want to do the things winners do.

My target audience
Whether you are an individual, an SME or a large conglomerate, sending physical documents is a necessary part of your business. Xtrip Express Limited is targeted at every individual and business has logistics needs.

Period of Business
I launched this business full time in December 2014, after spending half a dozen years at the Orange Bank in Lagos, Nigeria.
Why Patronise us?
Without mincing words, Xtrip Express is currently the only logistics company present in 24 states across Nigeria.
We deliver items to places like Abuja, Bayelsa,  Akwa Ibom, Ilorin and as far as Sokoto which is the extreme end of North West Nigeria.

Our Unique selling point? If you really want your goods and parcels to get delivered without stress, we are the partner of choice to consider.

Challenges faced at launching
Basically, the challenges included finance –achieving our goals required a lot of  hard work, training and infrastructure. But we had to start with what we had and thus far, it is making so much sense, as we are delivering and fulfilling our purpose.
Employing staff hasn’t been a challenge for us because, presently, we have the best set of hands across the country.

Challenges still faced
Market penetration seems a bit expensive. However, we are gaining grounds gradually and doing more to cover more territories.

Bank Funding
We have not had any bank funding yet, but we have been able to raise funds from partners and individual investors.

This is because we are seeking a business friendly bank that would look into our proposals and see the potentials in our business. We are very ready to access all opportunities that are available.

Business Plan
Yes, we do have a professionally written business plan which is what we’ve been working with. We discuss our ethos and the business plan regularly.

I have attended several training programs formally and I also have my wealth experience from working in the bank. I was also able to gather practical business skills. I researched and learnt from professionals in the industry.

 Form of IT
We use many forms of IT, we also utilize social media and other major online platforms.

Yes, we operate a corporate account different from my personal account. We are careful not to mix monies from both accounts.

For example, if I receive money through my account perhaps from a friend or associate that is for the company, I hand it over to the accountant promptly for proper documentation and get receipt for same.

Survival Rate
Yes, the business runs a life of its own. We have capable managers that ensure that everyone knows their roles and the expected KPIs.  All I have to do is basically to delegate positions/functions.

Where Do You See Your Business In 5 Years
In 5 years, Xtrip deliveries would definitely have become a household name. We would have covered the 36 states in the country and opened up branches in at least four other countries in Africa.

We’re bench marking against DHL.
Our business and operation is global. We are already seeking partnership with a major airline firm in Nigeria to increase coverage and reduce delivery time.

 Any regrets?
Yes, I regret losing huge amount of money in the past. This was because I did not have a properly researched business plan. But that is over now, never again.
Also, I have been poor at my negotiation tables, so I am working hard at doing better at that.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.
Do all you can to make money legitimately. An entrepreneur must be able to generate income daily, otherwise you will starve. Never depend on anybody. Work hard and you will succeed.



Head Office: Suite B31-32, Uno Plaza, Gudugba Bus Stop                                                                                          Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos

Phone: +234 (0) 905 191 9262, +234 (0) 816 877 9399

Email: info@xtripng.com | xtripng@gmail.com

Website: www.xtripng.com

Instagram: @xtripng


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Oladele Samuel
Oladele Samuel
6 years ago

Brilliant interview here. Well done Sunday. With this, I should spread my customer base across the country. Hope your rates are pocket friendly though?

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