Sweet Kiwi, Sour Prices

It is always quite fascinating to find people who don’t like ice cream. Where did they grow up, you wonder? where have they been all their lives? And even if the just arrived in Big City, what have they been doing? From Mr. Biggs, to KFC, even down to the ice cream vendors on their bicycles – it’s everywhere.

This is a treat which cuts across age, class, gender, race, financial status even. It is a main feature on any party menu, typically closing out the food service after the main dishes may have been served.

But, we must recognise and respect the minority people, odd as they may be.

Sweet kiwi…

This is the specialist Yoghurt seller in Lekki phase one which clearly recognised the gap in system and decided to bridge it. Sweet Kiwi is a fancy upscale Yoghurt shop that is hip, it’s trendy and truth be told, it’s expensive.

Seems there a price to pay for not liking ice cream. But whatever the misgivings, Sweet Kiwi more than makes up for it in service and product quality. From the parking attendant to the helpful young people behind the till, its quality service through and through.

The store is done up in very attractive colours, it’s clean and there’s a small lounge inside with fancy chairs, and another sitting area in a nicely hidden (coded) patio just outside.

You get to sample as many flavours as you want, and when you’ve decided on your preferred flavour, there are enough toppings on offer to embarrass all the ice cream sellers put together. Well, maybe not. But they really do have you spoilt for choice.

Now here’s a tip for anyone looking to patronize Sweet Kiwi: they don’t sell per cup per se. Instead, the yoghurt is sold in ounces, weight. As it is  a self service system, it’s very easy to pile up the Nairas without knowing. So be careful how long and how far down you pull the lever!

In all, it is a very pleasant and attractive store, and for the small minority of Yoghurt lovers, its highly recommended. Actually, you don’t really have much of a choice. Sweet Kiwi is running a monopoly for now, and so we will have to put up with the high prices for now.

Last word: as with all monopolies, Sweet Kiwi is selling at a premium. For comparative weight of ice cream, you will get a lot more for your money.

So while we look forward to competition in the yoghurt space, we have to say that Sweet Kiwi earns a creamy 7.5/10 by our reckoning.

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