Entrepreneurs are starting to realize that taking a break is actually be more productive in the long run. However, most of them still skip the vacation or still take work with them on holiday.

A recent study shows that 82 percent of small business owners who took a vacation were performing better at work when they got back.

The truth is:

  • Burnout will damage your reputation and your business.
  • Fatigue will make relationships with stakeholders problematic.

Also, you are less likely to die of heart disease, if you take this sensible step. So, here are eight reasons why taking a vacation will boost your business.

1. A change of scene can spark up an idea or kick start creative thinking

Your work environment is hardly the place to be creative or get inspiration, especially when you are under enormous pressure. A vacation can work wonders. You cannot switch off completely. But when you relax, creativity will blossom. You’ll have a clearer mind because you are no longer tired.

2. Leave your comfort zone

Taking a vacation can prove to be a challenge. This is because you will be moving outside your comfort zone (probably into more comfort?). You will have to get your business organized while you are away. It is a wonderful opportunity to delegate and to actually see how the office performs without you. Asides setting up emergency contact procedures just in case, there should be no other contact with the office.

3. Your health benefits enormously

Look at all the extra bonuses you get. You feel better, sleep well and your mood is lifted. Your stress and anxiety are lower. Heart function and blood pressure begin to come back to normal levels.

“Vacations are extremely important. I come back energized and refueled and some of my best innovation either happens on vacation or immediately following because I have left my stress at the office.” – Julie Jumonville, CEO of UpSpring Baby

4. Taking a vacation strengthens your brain

Most people suffer from a sort of brain flooding where data in the form of emails, phone messages and other documentation starts pouring across their desks. The brain is like a sponge – it can only take so much.  But on vacation, new and exotic ideas can strengthen the neural connections and stimulate mental activity.

Research shows that the benefits of emotional stability and the mental relaxation process after a vacation will put you at the top of your game.

Your brain will be buzzing and you will be on a motivational high when you get back.

5. It’s a great opportunity to do some networking

While on vacation, you are going to meet many new people and you should engage with some of them. It might be worth your while to maintain these contacts through your social media accounts.

The opportunities are endless. You can discover new leads, explore new potential markets, plan revenue generating ventures, and new partnerships. It will happen naturally and the follow up should be friendly and without pressure. Ok this is starting to sound like work, but it isn’t. At least it shouldn’t be.

6. Look at these extra bonuses

As a business owner, you will discover that the office can run without you. You can see straightaway whether the delegating has worked and whether the projects are still on target. You will never discover how teams really work unless you take a vacation.

7. Keep yourself and your staff happy

The famous accounting firm Ernst &Young did an interesting survey. They found that those who took more vacation time were getting consistently better grades on their performance assessment at the end of the year. Overall, they improved by eight percent. The holidaymakers had greater job satisfaction and were more likely to stay with the company.

So, forget the old work ethic that longer hours mean dedication and higher productivity. Take a vacation instead.


Source: lifehack.org