T’ayanna’s Spa & Salon

As we drove into T’ayanna’s unassuming front gate, I approached what might well have been a nice house. I pressed the doorbell and I was welcomed with a polite “Good afternoon” from the receptionist and as I told him I wanted to get my nails done, I was shown to the waiting area. He in the meantime, hurriedly went off to find someone to attend to me.

The gorgeous décor of T’ayanna’s has to be commended. It really is quite beautiful. There were coffee table books, and a new sleek TV partly I suspect for our entertainment, but also to let us know that the promoters of this business really meant business.

Quality staff at T’ayanna’s

I was informed that a lady – Bimbo, would be attending to me and so I proceeded to the nail area where I was offered drinks and plantain chips – a nice touch. While she did my nails, she ran me through the process and gave me tips on nail maintenance especially while on holiday. You could tell this lovely woman was an expert in her field. By carrying me along the whole time, I felt I could always intercede if I didn’t like what she was doing.

The professional touch

At'ayanna 2s my pampering continued without incident, a lady came in and complained about a fungal treatment in her nails. She wanted to know if she could still fix her nails in spite of the condition. To my surprise, the nail specialists apologised and said no. This despite the fact that her company would be losing potential revenue. I was impressed.

When my nails were done, I decided to walk around the salon just to peruse a little. The outside cleanliness impressed me the more. No empty containers, and no loose hair stuck in inappropriate places.

Small chip in the T’ayanna nail experience

I must, however, criticise the fact that in the nail section, we were made to watch a football match no one seemed particularly interested in. Yet for some reason, the technically challenged staff couldn’t change the channel to something a little more engaging. Something more soothing and in sync with the otherwise superb ambience of the spa.

Also, the signage outside T’ayanna’s could be clearer. I struggled a little to find this spa and salon and that cannot be good for business. After finding it in the end, I can declare that I had no regrets at all. Not even the football could spoil this experience.

A polished 8.5/10 for the T’yanna experience.

Ore Ogunbiyi

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