Revealed: Inside TFC at Oando, Lekki Expressway

Sunday morning after-church rituals are in effect and eateries in and around Lekki are filling up. And so it’s brisk business for places like TFC located within the Oando filling station at the 3rd round about.

How this particular Oando station, (yes, even considering the presence of TFC) is always packed with customers while other stations around almost have to beg for business is a real wonder. But more on that another day.

It has to be said, the Tastee Fried Chicken, TFC at this particular station is decidedly low rent compared with some of the bigger Tastee Fried Chicken restaurants in Victoria Island, or even in Marina. But, it’s a different market and a different clientele, so the decor is understandable. An eatery in a petrol station is like “faster fast food!”. No doubt the strategy of siting TFC restaurants at selected Oando stations has clearly paid off in this case.

The general appearance and cleanliness are spot on though, and certainly in line with the overall look of the station.

Service is very good and friendly in spite of the throng of church goers who are clearly looking to be fed by more than just the word of God this morning.

And while the toilets are very clean, the use of translucent glass between cubicles is something of an oddity. So even though you will not see the grimace on the face of the man next door, you will certainly see his form as he sits, stands or stoops to do his business. Very distracting to say the least.

Now, onto the business at the other end: food.

No beef @ Tastee Fried Chicken
No beefing

TFC chicken must rank as one of the best fast food chicken offerings in Lagos. Talk about doing chicken right. The scotch eggs were about as close to perfect as you could get, and the sausage roll… sadly, it is here the symphony comes to a crashing halt. The actual beef stuffing is so small, it doesn’t come out at either end, and seems to be floating inside the roll. And while the roll itself isn’t bad, there’s hardly enough beef to savour.

A near perfect experience undone by a small sausage. How often has this been said around the world.

TFC at Oando, Lekki Expressway delivers on what it set out to do and would quite easily have merited a straight 9/10 but for the shriveled sausage. Instead, it’s a 71/2 ,  no beef. Honestly.



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