The Beautiful Side of Lagos Police

There have been many comments about the recent spate of armed robbery and violence in Lagos, mostly attributed to the proliferation of arms occasioned by the recently concluded elections.

Many observers however, simply attribute the increase in violence to the issue of police high-handedness.

Is it possible though, that the Nigeria Police Force has over the years gotten a bad reputation, possibly an undeserved one?

No matter, we recently found an interesting if slightly controversial article which advises Lagosians on how to engage the police in a non-confrontational manner, and remain safe within the metropolis.

One caveat however, and maybe an even more controversial angle to what is a very complex situation, is the effectiveness and quality  of training and remuneration of the police and its effect on their morale and public relations; can a poorly trained police force take adequate care of its citizenry?

Please see final 6 tips; for the full article, kindly click on attached link.

  1. Be Courteous at Police Checkpoints: Most of the killings accidentally or wilfully carried out by the police occur in checkpoints. When you arrived at checkpoints manned by stern-faced and edgy officers, be courteous. Greet them warmly and ask about the weather. In that case, they become relaxed. Remember, police are humans too but also fear for their own lives because at checkpoints, anything can happen.
  2. Do not drive away when You are Stopped:If you have nothing to hide, why drive away when police stops you on patrol or at checkpoints? If you flee, they may think you have motive or armed. Even if your car papers are not correct, it will be wise to wait and sort it out than ending up in the morgue.
  3. Switch on Your Inner Light When You approach a Checkpoint:Be visible when you approach a checkpoint. Switch on your car light before you are told. It gives police the impression that you are a law abiding citizen who is ready to cooperate.
  4. Always Carry an Identity Card:An identity card removes any doubt of anonymity from your person. You will be treated with respect.
  5. Do Not Tail Gate Police Convoy or Bullion Van: This practice is common with Lagos motorists who are always eager to beat the traffic. Driving behind a fast moving escort of law enforcement agencies exposes you to danger. If you drive behind a bullion van carrying money, the police escort may mistake you for an armed robber who wants to carry out a heist. You can be shot.
  6. Don’t Mock Police officers: Nigerian police don’t look particularly appealing in appearance. There has been complains by Nigerians for police authorities to improve on their welfare. So don’t go out joking about their appearance. It can get them mad.

Culled from Naij.com.


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6 years ago

I thought check points had been dismantled nationwide?

Ifeanyi Maduka
6 years ago
Reply to  sari

Apparently, our hearing the news on TV or any other media channel means very little. The directive has to be sent out to all commands by the IG. Somehow, the IG’s all seem reluctant to make the ban official or truly effective. May have to do with the still poor salary scale the police force are on.

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