Ten Popular Mobile Phone Brands In Lagos

Ever since the introduction of mobile phones in the country, Lagos has witnessed a massive improvement in the field of commerce and telecommunication. Asides being an essential communication device, the use of smartphones in Lagos is also considered a symbol of social class and mobile business ports.

Mobile phone companies are aware of this, and have not failed to spoil their customers every year with new products. Considering the growth in the range of products by different brands, choosing and buying a new smartphone can be complicated. So, what phone brands do people mostly go for, and why?

The top ten mobile phone brands in Lagos include:

#1. Nokia


Nokia remains a handset of choice in the mobile phone market. This is probably because of the age-long reputation of the company to produce phones with long-lasting battery lives – an attractive feature for phone users in a country where power supply is irregular. Most people tend to own a Nokia along with their other phones, because of its reliable battery life.

#2.  Samsung


Samsung is the second most popular phone used in Lagos. Samsung has both the high and Low end products, which gives the brand a strategic advantage that appeals to the various social classes in the our society.

#3.  iPhone


The iPhone is mostly attractive to its users because of its elitist appeal. It is easily the most expensive brand on this list, and is seen by most as a status symbol. iPhones are known for their easy navigation. The only disadvantage would be that they sometimes compromises functionality to fit its elitist standard.

#4. Blackberry


Surprisingly, Blackberry comes third in the list of top mobile brands used in Lagos. At first, Blackberry’s entry into the mobile market was welcomed by the elite and was largely used as the unofficial benchmark for standard of Living.  In the past, you were perceived as rich or at least influential, if you own and use any of the Blackberry brand.

#5. Tecno



This brand has gone completely viral in Lagos. This Smartphone maker is basically known for its broad range of low-end mobile devices that appeals to the lowest strata of the Nigerian society. The major advantage going for Tecno is that it has succeeded in controlling the low-end mobile market with smartphones capable of running the Latest Android Operating System. Their Smartphones are quite durable and are giving the Top-dogs a run for their money.

#6. LG


LG phones are easily found in most households in Lagos. However, you are more likely to find their refrigerator, washing machine, or an air conditioner, than a smartphone.

#7. HTC


The HTC Desire, HTC Incredible and HTC Sensation are amongst the highest selling HTC smartphones in the Lagos market, thanks to their affordable prices and reliable operating system. Although the two newest HTC phones – the One X and the One – may have aroused interest amongst the general phone loving public, their bank-breaking prices place these phones next to the esteemed iPhone and Blackberry brands, thereby causing sales to remain stagnant.

#8. Sony


This is a brand that remains an old darling in the hearts of many Lagosians. Just like Samsung and Nokia, this brand name is very familiar and is known for its quality products.

#9. Huawei


Huawei has a limited smartphone market, and are rather rare in Lagos, but their CDMA phones can still be found amongst subscribers to telecommunication service providers such as Visafone, Multilinks, and Starcomms.

Source: connectnigeria.com
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