Traffic Gridlock Paralises Lagos Island

Following the early morning down pour yesterday in Lagos metropolis, motorists and commuters groaned as the gridlock caused by the heavy rain left many stranded for hours before they could get to their different destinations.

The rain which fell heav­ily for several hours par­ticularly on Lagos Island left commercial activities paralised in the business district.

Most worst hit areas were the three exit points- Carter, Second mainland and Third mainland bridg­es.

Speaking with Broad Street Diary, BSD, some mo­torists lamented the hard­ship caused by the traffic gridlock and their inability to get to their place of work on time.

In the midst of the traf­fic, many commuters have to disembark from their ve­hicles and started trekking to their different destina­tions.

A motorist whose did not disclose his name said; “the traffic is too much be­cause of the heavy rain. The whole roads have been flooded.”

Something has to be done to forestall further oc­currence of this.

A driver who simply identified himself as yusuf adekanbi said he had been in traffic for over two hours and consequently most of his commuters had resort­ed to trekking.

“I have been in this hold-up for about two hours and I am still on this bridge. I wish I could just abandon my bus and walk to the park. I am going to CMS which should not take me less than ten minutes. But here I am still here at past five since some minutes to three.”



Source: National Mirror, Nigeria

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