Lagos Gangs, Cults & The Union of Transport Workers

There was pandemonium yesterday as different factions of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), fought for control of the motor park in Oshodi Lagos.

Yet it was only recently reported that 46 cult members were arrested in the State for fomenting trouble and

terrorizing their neighborhood. And while many celebrated the arrests, observers warned that such high profile

arrests did not truly address the core of the problem which is deemed by most residents of Lagos mainland to be high

level political sponsorship.

The clearest evidence of this has to be the impunity with which these gangs operate – typically in broad daylight,

many times taunting the Police openly.

Unfortunately, the recurring issue of gang wars has reared again, this time with street urchins, in the guise of

‘agberos’ – members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers who clashed over territory and self

assigned powers of revenue collection.

The Story: A faction gathered at Bolade bus stop, the other, on Brown Street, wielding sticks, cutlasses and other weapons.

Some traders hurriedly locked their shops for fear of being attacked; others stood far off, watching.

Some Rapid Response Squad (RRS) operatives with their Armoured Personnel Carrier were seen at Adekoya Street

junction, monitoring the situation.

For over an hour, vehicles coming from Ikeja were held in traffic. They couldn’t go beyond Bolade.

Many motorists turned back in front of The Arena shopping complex.

Those coming from Mushin could not go beyond under the bridge, where they made a U-Turn.

An eyewitness, Segun Olawale, said the miscreants were fighting over ownership of parks.

“Can you imagine their level of rascality?  My findings were that miscreants are fighting over who to collect Agbero

money. Some, who called themselves Omo Onilu (indigenous) are clashing with Omoluoke (foreign),” he said.

Another eyewitness, Sulayman Alamutu, a journalist described the atmosphere as scary, saying: ”The hoodlums

holding bottles, big sticks and weapons were heading towards the Oshodi Isale where policemen are stationed with

their guns and armoured tank.”

He added: ”As at the time we passed Bolade, the place was deserted; the traders had locked their shops while

commuters walked in hastened steps. Gun-wielding policemen positioned themselves at Adekoya Street with an

armoured tank.”

The Nation learnt that two persons were injured in the fracas.

A source said hoodlums stormed an unnamed hospital on learning that an injured rival was being treated there.

Another group attacked an unnamed hotel which some touts use as hideout.

The situation was brought under control when an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) led some RRS operatives

to talk to the rival factions.


Main Story: http://thenationonlineng.net

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