Lagos Spy Shopper – Expensive is Relative, But Mango is Pure Class

I’ve been hearing a lot about the MANGO store for a while now. Most people gush about how nice and original their products are.

So, last weekend, I was at the Palm’s with some friends and we decided to check it out.

Looking at the store from outside, the exterior decoration was just amazing. And the amazement carried through to the inside. We were very impressed. The arrangement of the dresses, the shoes, the bags, and the trousers was really neat and colourful.  Naturally, there were mirrors everywhere. The environment was very conducive for a real spending spree. If you had the money that is.

On top of all of this, we were very warmly welcomed by the staff who then quickly got one of their salespersons to attend to us.

The first people we saw were these 3 cool looking Chinese ladies at one corner. They seemed to be checking out trousers as they chatted in their native language.  Now, a group of Chinese women shopping at a European store usually means the quality and bargains on offer are tight! So we must be in the right place ourselves.

There was also a man with his son at the shoes section. I am always fascinated when I see a man and a baby, especially without the mother in sight. Again, that the unlikely duo were shopping at Mango suggested that more than a few people thought very highly of the store and its brand.

As we looked around, we saw formal and casual dresses, shoes, bags, skirts, trousers, tops, and sweaters among other items. The clothes, especially the jumpsuits were really nice but a little on the expensive side. For instance, there was a grey sweater sold for N7,000, which for our lean purses was just too pricey. So much for Chinese bargain hunters.

Eventually, one of my friends selected a black jumpsuit and asked for the changing room to try them on. The changing room didn’t disappoint –  it was really nice and spacious. There was a massive mirror that I especially liked. And so, out came the cameras. Selfies all round as as my friend tried on the jumpsuit. To cover our shame at only buying one item, I bought a pair of sunglasses for N6, 000. Not bad.

To sum it up, the experience was fun. It was a classy yet relaxed atmosphere at Mango, and given the reception we got, we would go back there for sure. Of course we will be better prepared next time. Carry a little more money, and maybe have an idea of what to buy before actually getting there. But no matter, a trip to Mango is worth the experience alone.

Oh yes, the prices. Mango is an expensive store. Of that there can be no question. But expensive is relative. To the Hermes crowd, Mango is in fact cheap. But for the young unemployed graduate, the interns and the under graduates, Mango should be visited on rare occasions. Like a trip to Santa.

Final thought: it’s a classy 8/10 for Mango.

Faith Kolo

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