Vitafoam Comfort Centre: A Homely Feel


I recently moved from somewhere in the eastern part of Nigeria to Lagos. Moving was not easy I must say but it was all for good. Before I moved, I made arrangements for a self contained house- as a single lady on a budget- in a reasonably priced location.

After the move, the natural progressive course of action was to furnish the house with affordable but stylish items. I got referred to a lot of furniture stores from my new colleagues but upon further inspection, it was a typical case of cognitive dissonance.

As a newbie in Lagos, I try to familiarise myself with my immediate environment during my lunch breaks and that’s how I stumbled upon the Vitafoam Comfort Centre. The shop was very attractive and had a homely feel and more importantly, had most of the components I had been searching for. I checked the time and realised I was over shooting my lunch break and made a mental note to visit the store at a more convenient date.

On my next prepared visit, I was surprised at how easy it was to locate the shop. As I walked in, I was greeted by a young lady who barely knew about the shop (wondered what she was there for). She asked that I hold on while she called on the sales representative (Michael), who had stepped out.

Two minutes later, Michael came in and greeted me and apologized for the delay. He asked what I wanted, so I told him I’d love to get a bed and mattress for my small room and a sofa for my sitting room. He showed what they had and enlightened me on the various products they had and suggested further what would be best for my room and sitting room considering the dimensions and design.

After taking Michael’s suggestions, I decided to go for Vita Solid Rest for my sitting room and Vita Planet Bed with a matching mattress for the bedroom.

I went further to pay for them and was faced with the challenge of transporting my new purchases, then Michael swooped in once again informing me that he could make arrangements for home delivery.. I paid for everything and made arrangements for home delivery.

I had a very enlightening experience in the store and  My experience was good.




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