Truly Wonderful Nails At Wow Nails

It was a rainy Sunday evening and as I prepped for Monday I looked down at my hands and thought “not at all on point!”  These nails won’t be scratching let alone slaying if I don’t get them sorted quickly. But where do you go to on a Sunday evening to get nails done on the Island? Most decent places would be booked out or closed at this time. I could always do a home job, but there’s no mistaking the works of art many of these professional nail experts do these days; and that was what I wanted for sure.

So before panic set in, and after a brief argument with my alter ego, I opted for a professional job. Problem 1: solved.

Wow Nails…

As I was in VI at the time,  I rushed to the Palms and went upstairs to the nail bar called WOW Nails. Now, let me explain quickly what a nail bar is – it is the equivalent of a small takeaway outlet of a big restaurant. Like a mini mart for quick shopping. WOW Nails has no more than 2 square feet of space at the Palms, but is doing brisk business as you get the same level of expertise and professionalism. Well, that’s what you should get.

I had been here once before – after watching a movie, and deciding on a hunch, I had gone in to try them out. The service was good then, but I went back this time with a more critical eye to see if the excellent service was a fluke or not.

nailsI wanted to get a Gel manicure done. I don’t expect the men reading this would have a clue what that means, but we must move on. The Girls were extremely warm and welcoming. Though I had only been here once before at least a month ago, and had not met the other nail attendant, I felt really pleased with the service. So far so good.

The girls worked well together and were very professional. My nails were very nicely done, totally dried and most importantly, with no smudges. They had even recommended some very nice colours, without being pushy, and were very attentive as to what I wanted done to my nails.

Incidentally, the head nail technician – yes, there is such a thing –  Titi, was celebrating her 3rd year anniversary of working at the Palms
Wow Nail bar that day, and out of curiousity I asked how it had been so far?  To my very pleasant surprise, she talked wonderfully about her clients and most especially about her boss. She recounted a story of when she was ill and had to take 4 days off work. But, her clients kept calling, and she got so concerned about them, she dragged herself to work though not fully recovered.

I was impressed! Nail technicians (there’s that term again), hair stylists and barbers are known to oftentimes complain loudly about being paid unfairly, and having to work under unjust conditions. There’s almost never a good word from them about their bosses. But here was Titi painting her bosses Wow nailsin glowing colours, and wrapping them with compliments.

Wow Nails at the Palms was a pleasant experience. As small as the bar is, I had a movie to watch while I got my nails done; and just the general energy of being at the Palms on the Sunday kept me entertained. The service was stellar and the gel polish set me back N3,500… only.

All set, I’ll give Wow Nails a solid 5/5! Top recommendation.


Sylvia Agbamuche

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