Monalisa Talks About Her New TV Business

Business Life – You & I Mid-Term Report: We are halfway through the first season and I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all our viewers and long-term fans and followers for your support.

While it’s been a really frantic affair so far, with shooting, recording, the typical Lagos logistics issues, and the negotiations with vendors (which has to be a skill by itself), it has been worth every minute of the hustle, bringing our show to your homes every Sunday.

I would personally like to thank you all for the feedback we have received to date, and I can tell you that we have started to incorporate some of your suggestions into the remaining episodes of season 1, and we will of course continue to implement the changes into Season 2. It’s a whole new genre of show business for me, and we are fully committed, and thoroughly enjoying the process.

So, what have we taken on board? Yes, the set will be nicer, and hopefully, we will have even more time on the show to properly analyze the issues of the day, while reaching out to more of your suggested guests and personalities.

As with most TV shows, the first season, or at least the first few episodes are like pilot editions, and ours is really no different. We believe we have with your help, ironed out the kinks and we are pleased to say, that our team, the network and our growing list of partners are all set to deliver an even more engaging Season 2 to you. You & I will be bigger and better, and it will be all thanks to you, our friends, viewers, and supporters.

I truly appreciate you all for your support and please look out for our social media platforms – our YouTube channel, our twitter handles and our blog, which will help carry the conversations beyond the now limiting time allotted on TV.

Thank you for your time, and may God continue to protect us all.

Yours on You&I,


Mona Lisa Chinda

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